In the course of our professional development activities, we develop, along with our library and program partners, many activities and resources that promote pedagogical exploration and build proficiency with new media tools. These resources are integrated into a broad range of faculty training sessions and year-long initiatives (for example, the Designed for Learning website features detailed agendas and materials for each seminar's activities). In addition, faculty who participate in CTL initiatives create a wealth of pedagogical resources that build on their own interests and expertise, enriching LaGuardia's learning environment.

This section of our website is under development. We encourage you to submit materials (e.g., lesson plans, workshop handouts, teaching tools, websites) that you have developed in relation to CTL programs, and we will add them to this collection.

Title Description Author Size/Format
Online Resources by LaGuardia Faculty
In Transit: The LaGuardia Journal on Teaching and Learning

The journal is a standing invitation for LaGuardia faculty to learn with colleagues, share insights, and join an on-going, vibrant conversation about teaching and learning at LaGuardia.

LaGuardia Faculty, Gail Green-Anderson, Bret Eynon  html
Project Quantum Leap Sampler

Project Quantum Leap, an innovative effort by the Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science of LaGuardia Community College to address the needs of our students, reflects the department's and the College’s commitment to solving the challenges of basic skills education in mathematics. Working together in a faculty seminar, they design, plan, test and discuss new classroom strategies. The PQL Sampler is a representation of and reflection on their initial classroom experiments.

LaGuardia Faculty  html
Designed for Learning Sampler

An extensive resource for anyone interested in effective uses of new educational technology, the Sampler includes activities developed by 27 of LaGuardia's faculty from across the college, reflections by faculty on using technology to enhance students' learning, and thematic essays that frame the work of DFL, and its impact teaching and learning at LAGCC.

LaGuardia Faculty & Bret Eynon  html
Faculty Web Projects From course information to department sites to providing online resources as a forum for their colleagues, LaGuardia's faculty have generated a diverse plethora of resources for students, educators and others. LaGuardia Faculty  html
Digital Storytelling These sites have handouts, tips, links to resources, and digital stories created by students. Developed by Liz Iannotti of The English Language Center for her class of high-intermediate ESOL students, the sites are useful for educators across disciplines, and for working with diverse student populations. Liz Iannotti  html
Faculty Development
Principles of Effective Practice The LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning's guiding principles for effective professional development work with faculty. Bret Eynon  pdf
Integrative Learning
Making Connections: Integrative Learning, Integrated Lives This Peer Review article explains LaGuardia’s work with the Integrative Learning Project (ILP), a three-year initiative of the Carnegie Foundation and the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and provides a useful overview of the ePortfolio initiative and the First Year Academies at LaGuardia.
Paul Arcario.
Bret Eynon,
J. Elizabeth Clark
Making Connections: A CUNY General Education Conference on Integrative Learning This May 2005 CUNY-wide conference, hosted by LaGuardia's Center for Teaching and Learning, focused on Integrative Learning - a movement to help students make connections across courses, disciplines, and semesters, using approaches such as first year programs, learning communities, interdisciplinary teaching and capstone courses.
Michele Piso and CTL staff html
Exploring the Web
Searching and Finding: Content-Rich Digital Resources for Learning & Teaching Explore 'gateway' sites (collections of topic-based resources) and search engines, and reflect on effective search techniques. (2h) Bret Eynon  html
Inquiry Activities (Grapes of Wrath, Japanese Internment, SARS, Harlem Jazz, Air Quality, Two Photos) Collection of activities that illustrate principles of student-centered, inquiry-based learning. (2-3h) Bret Eynon & ASHP staff  html
Copyright and Fair Use Resources Prompts and presentational tools for understanding ownership and private property issues when using online resources. Kenneth Schlesinger & Scott White (Library)  html/pdf/ppt
Web Evaluation Materials Bibliography of useful references for critically assessing information found on the web. Louise Fluk
Getting A Bigger Picture: Web Resources for Learning About the American War in Iraq Working list of websites to assist LaGuardia professors in teaching about the war. (Compiled 3.25.03)
Bret Eynon  pdf
Student Writing and Reading
Responding Online Prompt for exploring web resources designed to support the development of student writing and reading skills. Marian Arkin pdf
Writing in the Disciplines Website Large collection of tools & resources related to interdisciplinary student writing. Marian Arkin & Writing Fellows html
Webpage Design
Dreamweaver MX Workshop: Part 1 Famliarity with interface, site management, basic page design, making links, adding images (2 -3 h)
Abby Schoneboom, updated by CTL staff pdf
Dreamweaver MX Workshop: Part 11 Famliarity with basic templates, uploading pages to faculty server (1-2 h)
Abby Schoneboom, updated by CTL staff pdf
Website Evaluation Students evaluate a website according to principles of good web design. (1.5h) Abby Schoneboom pdf
Web Design Guidelines Design criteria commonly used by web designers. Abby Schoneboom pdf
Some Useful
A selection of common tags, plus a more complete "HTML cheatsheet" (adapted from Webmonkey). Kamal Hajallie pdf
Creating a Banner in Fireworks MX Make a banner for a webpage or Blackbaord site, incorporating images from the Google image search engine. (1.25h) Abby Schoneboom pdf
Intro to CSS Presentation What is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and why use it? This presentation helps explain how css works with html/xhtml to play a key role in developing well-designed websites that are accessible, cross-platform, and easy to maintain. Priscilla Stadler ppt
Intro to CSS: A Toolkit Cascading Style Sheets (css) is important for web designers and developers to learn. This brief handout contains some basic information on css structure and a page of useful resources. Priscilla Stadler doc
css: A Web Designer's Friend Use these files and resources to practice working with Cascading Style Sheets (css). Priscilla Stadler html
Photo editing
Photoshop Makeover: An Intro to Photo Editing Techniques Working with layers, zooming in/out, using airbrush, clone, lasso, magic wand tools and adjusting levels. (1.5h) Abby Schoneboom pdf
Working with Images in Macromedia Fireworks Resize, crop, cut out and optimize images for the Web. (1.5 h, not updated for MX) Abby Schoneboom pdf 
Working with Images in Microsoft Photo Editor Use Google to find images and perform cropping, rotation, etc. (1.5h) Ros Orgel pdf 
Next Steps with Blackboard 6 Modify interface, manage groups, use the assessment manager, and collect discussion comments. (6h) Ros Orgel  pdf
The Best of Both Worlds: Working with DW and BB Build a simple webpage and upload it into BB. Also, link from a webpage to areas of BB. (1.5h) Priscilla Stadler,
Kamal Hajallie
Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation Build a simple presentation including animation and sound, hyperlinks, and images. (2h) Josephine Corso  pdf
Creating PowerPoint Presentations Using Advanced Features Josephine Corso  pdf
Voice Narration in PowerPoint Advanced Features Delwar Sayeed  pdf
Scanner Workshop Scan images and text (using Omnipage Pro). (1h) Winston Casalinuevo  pdf
Using the Sony Mavica Operating the Sony Mavica 95/97. (1h) Pawel Mantykiewicz pdf
Using Roxio Direct CD for Drag and Drop File Management Use a CD as an extra storage drive for your computer. (1.5h) Ros Orgel pdf 
Computer Basics
Managing Files Create folders, view, sort and find files, and work with multiple windows. (1.5h) Ros Orgel pdf
Internet Explorer Tips and Tricks Open multiple windows and organize your favorites. Ros Orgel pdf
354 kb
Building Your Basic ePortfolio Learn what ePortfolios are and how to create a basic one. Hector
1.15 mb
Building Your Intermediate ePortfolio Use Netscape Composer to create an intermediate-level ePortfolio. Hector
1.48 mb
Modifying an html page with Netscape Composer Enhance your web pages using Netscape Composer. Sada
339 kb
Introduction to Blackboard 6 : Using the Control Panel Learn how the Blackboard 6 control panel helps faculty create and customize courses. Nakiso
545 kb
Creating Button Symbols Use Fireworks to create interactive buttons for images, documents, or web pages. Ali
51 kb
Creating a Template in Dreamweaver Make a Dreamweaver template as a model for your web pages. Ali
128 kb
Quick Guide to Scanning Learn how to scan text and images. Winston Casalinuevo pdf
987 kb
Using Sound Forge Use Sound Forge for basic sound recording and editing. Delwar Sayeed pdf
184 kb
Video Editing using
Windows Movie Maker
Capture, edit and produce video using Windows Movie Maker. Ali
337 kb
Digital Storytelling with Windows Movie Maker Create Digital Stories using Windows Movie Maker Delwar Sayeed pdf
2.12 mb

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