Created with I.D.A. Delwar Sayeed for The English Language Center
Division of Adult & Continuing Education, LaGuardia Community College

HARLEM - Fall 2003
This site was created for an advanced level, content-based, ESL Listening & Speaking class with the theme of Harlem. Check out the video on the student work page.

Home to Liz Iannotti's first whack at Digital Storytelling with high intermediate ESL
Listening & Speaking students, this site
has hand outs, tips, and student projects.

CITY STORIES - Spring 2005
This site was created to publish digital stories
for an experimental ESL elective class involving community research in the students' new home city.
8.1 Digital Stories - Spring 2005
This site is home to the students historical
digital projects. Students worked in groups to tell the stories of a historical event from one, two, or three different perspectives.
7.1 Digital Stories - Spring 2006
Students chose an event or place and told stories about the people affected by them.