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The English Language Center (TELC) proudly presents student-authored digital stories. Scroll down or use the button above to see the project description, the completed stories, and resources on digit storytelling. Congratulations to the wonderful students who created these fantastic multimedia projects.

TELC, the largest ESL program in New York City, has a tradition of instructional innovation in and out of it's classrooms. The program is a part of the LaGuardia Community College Division of Adult & Continuing Education.

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the project

Students had six weeks to research, write, record, add images, and edit their projects. Some groups chose a particular event, others a location. They told stories about from the points of view of partipants, average people whose lives were affected, in some way, by the place or event.


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Crossing the U.S./Mexico Border
Mauricio Castillo, Maria Leticia Martinez, Marcin Sumera

NYC Subway
Fabio Barbieri, Joanna Pacholarz, Anna Witkowska

Pyramids - Houses of Eternity
Klaudia Chudzik, Tianzong Guan, Koray Sarikaya

Katrina the Hurricane
Masako Akagawa, Diana Siguas, Peemongkon Wattananon

World Cup 2002
Jhony Geurrero Arce, Abderrahim Mermache

The Great Wall of China
Sung Gi Kim, Victoria Toncu, Victoria Zuniga


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Instructor: Liz Iannotti
The English Language Center
Continuing Education Division
LaGuardia Community College