This advanced level ESL class prepared wonderful digital stories as part of their Listening and Speaking classwork. In groups of three, students chose a historical event and told the story of the event from the perspective of one, two, or three participants. Click on the links below to open these wonderfully thoughtful projects!
This class was also recorded for a Japanese radio program. Click here to listen to the students on Japanese radio. At the site, click on archives, "Polish English."

Stela, Monica, Naoko:
Ellis Island

Hee Chul, Agnieszka, Ana Lucero:
Black History

Angela, Diana, Marco:
Egypt: The Construction of Khufu

Amadou, Young, Citlalli:
Anne Hutchinson

Boom, Yoshiko, Andres:

Michiyo, Juan, Andrea:

Rosemaryen, Carlos, Eun Ok:
Remembering Celia

Thank you to the talented students of level 8.1 for their hard work and dedication! Woohoo!