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Welcome to the Math Colloquium at LaGuardia Community College.

The colloquium's participants include faculty members of the Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science (MEC) together with invited speakers from different universities. The talks are usually accessible on a variety of levels. Students are welcome.

Refreshments are served before the talks (schedule and abstracts are posted below). For more information, please contact colloquium organizers.

Upcoming Presentation: Interdepartmental Event (MEC and Natural Sciences)
Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2015, Room: E258 (Refreshments will be served)
Time: 2:15 - 3:15pm.
SPEAKER: Dr. Frank Wang (Professor at LaGuardia C. C.)

Topic: "Geometry, Topology, and Physics." (Students are encouraged to attend.)

Abstract: This talk aims to introduce a wide range of tools which have their origin in differential geometry and which have found increasing use in theoretical physics. A heuristic introduction of topological invariants, Euler characteristic, and the Gauss-Bonnet theorem will be presented. The application of the theorem to a fiber bundle formulation of the magnetic monopole and the recently discovered quantum state of matter called topological insulators will be used to demonstrate the fascinating interplay between mathematics and physics. While the talk contains some technical discussions, the key idea is accessible to the general audience.
Past Talks

  • 4/6/2011: N. Yanofsky (CUNY, The Graduate Center and Brooklyn College), Scientific Limits of Reason.
  • 11/02/2011: Joseph Malkevitch (Professor, Emeritus, at York College and the Graduate Center/CUNY),
                    Bankruptcy Problems: Mathematical Insights into Fairness Questions. Abstract     
  • 4/25/2012: Ms. Vanessa Gruen, Daughter of Professor Lars Ahlfors, The life of Lars Ahlfors. With introduction by
                    Kourosh Tavakoli (MEC, LaGuardia).
  • 11/07/2012: Jerry G. Ianni (Professor at LaGuardia C.C./CUNY),
                    Mathematical Symmetries in Music Theory and Analysis. Abstract     
  • 12/12/2012: Nader Goubran (Professor at LaGuardia C.C./CUNY),
                    Measuring Infinite Sets. Abstract     
  • 05/01/2013: Bill Rosenthal (Professor at LaGuardia C.C./CUNY),
                    Why 0.999 Is AND Is Not Equal to 1. Abstract     
  • 10/02/2013: Gerald H. Meyer and Omar Ait Hellal (Professors at LaGuardia C.C./CUNY),
                    A wave smoothing algorithm with applications to the financial markets. Abstract     
  • 12/05/2013: Milena Cuella (Professor at LaGuardia C.C./CUNY), Interdepartmental Event (MEC and Natural Sciences)
                    The Roaring Sun: a tale of observations, models, and predictions. Abstract     
  • 10/22/2014: N. Yanofsky (CUNY, The Graduate Center and Brooklyn College), An Invitation to Quantum Computing.
  • 11/13/2014: Glenn Henshaw (Professor at LaGuardia C.C./CUNY), Interdepartmental Event (MEC and Natural Sciences),
                    Lattices, Quadratic Forms, and Signals.