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Semester Date Event Title Collaborator(s) Flyer
01 Spring 2010 May 5, 2010 The Panel Presentation on Peace and Justice (Guest Speakers: Ms. Yuko Nakamura and Mr. Yoshio Tamura, A-bomb survivors in Hiroshima) / 広島被爆者による証言と討論会 (ゲスト: 中村雄子氏と田村良夫氏) Dr. Kyoko Toyama (Counseling Dept, LaGuardia CC) Flyer
02 Spring 2011 March 17, 23, 24, and April 7, 2011 The Donation Days for The Great Tohoku Earthquake The Japan Club, LaGuardia CC Website
03 Spring 2012 April 24, 2012 Japan-U.S. Cherry Blossom Centennial Tree Dedication Ceremony (日米桜寄贈100周年 桜樹林式) The Consulate General of Japan in NY Flyer
04 Spring 2012 May 23, 2012 Visit by Mr. Sukeshiro Terata, Member of the House of Councillors (寺田典城参議院議員の訪問) website
05 Spring 2012 April 24, 2012 Workshop by Mr. Shu Kubo, Kirie (paper-cut) Artist (久保修切り絵ワークショップ) Flyer
06 Fall 2012 October - December, 2012 Japan Club Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Volunteer (ハリケーンサンディー復興ボランティア) NY Japan Lions Club The Japan Times article
07 Spring 2013 May 20-30, 2013 CUNY Kakehashi Project (CUNYカケハシ) Queens College, The City College, Baruch College, John Jay College, Lehman College, and Medgar Evers Website
08 Fall 2013 September 25, 2013 Madam Akie Abe's visit (安倍昭恵夫人訪問) The Consulate General of Japan in NY Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website
09 Fall 2013 September 30, 2013 Katsura Sunshine's Rakugo Performance (桂三輝落語公演) Flyer
10 Fall 2013 October 30, 2013 Workshop by Mr. Shuhei Hasado, Japanese Plasterer (挟土秀平 左官ワークショップ) Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan Flyer
11 Fall 2013 November 1, 2013 A Talk by Dr. Akiko Yamanaka, Former Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs (山本あき子元外務省政務官の講演) The Consulate General of Japan in NY Flyer
12 Spring 2014 March 6, 2014 Workshop by Mr. Hiroki Ohara, Headmaster of Ohara Ikebana School (小原流家元 小原宏貴 生け花ワークショップ) The Ohara School of Ikebana, The Japan Foundation Flyer
13 Spring 2014 March 8-10, 2014 CUNY Kakehashi: Visit by Chuo University students (CUNYカケハシ: 中央大学訪問) The Japan Foundation Flyer
14 Spring 2014 May 22, 2014 Commendation from the Consulate General of Japan in NY (在外公館長表彰) The Consulate General of Japan in NY Announcement
15 Spring 2014 July 24, 2014 Visit by Mr. Toshiaki Endo and the four Members of Parliament of Japan (遠藤利明衆議院議員、教育再生実行本部議員団訪問)
16 Fall 2014 September 24, 2014 Visit by Mr. Atsushi Hamana, President of Kansai University of International Studies, to discuss e-Portfolio (濱名篤関西国際大学学長他のe-Portfolio視察訪問) Press release
17 Fall 2014 October 15, 2014 Book donation by Madam Akie Abe (昭恵文庫の図書寄贈) Press release
18 Fall 2014 November 7, 2014 CUNY Kakehashi: Visit by Hosei University students (CUNYカケハシ: 法政大学訪問) The Japan Foundation Flyer
19 Spring 2015 February 10, 2015 Biwa (Japanese lute) Performance by Ms. Akiko Sakurai (薩摩琵琶演奏家櫻井亜木子ラガーディア公演) The Japan Foundation Flyer
20 Spring 2015 April 29, 2015 70Th Anniversary Of The Atomic Bomb: Linking Past And Present Beyond Hiroshima, Nagasaki, And Fukushim (被団協 中村雄子氏, 福島富子氏, 谷口稜曄氏, 坪野吉孝ハーバード大客員研究員による討論会、講演) Dr. Kyoko Toyama (College Discovery, LaGuardia CC) and Hidankyo Flyer
21 Fall 2015 October 14, 2015 Temple University Japan Campus Transfer Workshop (テンプル大学日本キャンパス転学ワークショップ) LaGuardia Community College Flyer
22 Fall 2015 October 20, 2015 Mr. Kenji Furutate's Taiko (Japanese drumming) Performance (和太鼓奏者/パーカッショニスト 古立ケンジ太鼓演奏会) LaGuardia Community College Flyer
23 Fall 2015 November 4, 2015 A visit by Dr. Jill Biden, Wife of Vice President, to LaGuardia CC (Japan Club) (ジルバイデン副大統領夫人のラガーディア訪問 (日本クラブ)) LaGuardia Community College
24 Fall 2015 November 19-20, 2015 Saga/Tokushima Kakehashi (佐賀大学、徳島大学カケハシ) JICE Agenda
25 Spring 2016 March 19th, 2016 Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert: Soh Daiko (カーネギーホール Neighborhood Concertシリーズ 僧太鼓公演) LaGuardia LPAC & Carnegie Hall Website
26 Spring 2016 March 22-23, 2016 Etegami Workshop and NYC Sightseeing with Jobu University students (上武大学との絵手紙ワークショップと市内観光) LaGuardia Community College Agenda and Sightseeing plan
27 Spring 2016 April 12, 2016 Workshop on Japanese Festival Dance and Drums with Tamagawa University students (玉川大学学生との太鼓ワークショップ) Dr. Kyoko Toyama Flyer and Flyer 2
28 Spring 2016 June 22 to July 1, 2016 Dean Howard Wach's participation in the Summer Tour of Japan for U.S. Higher Education Professionals (ハワードワック学部長の日米高等教育機関交流日本滞在ツアーの参加) TeamUp initiative (the US-Japan Bridging Foundation & Embassy of the US in Japan) Website
29 Fall 2016 October 3, 2016 Temple University Japan Campus Transfer Workshop (テンプル大学日本キャンパス転学ワークショップ) LaGuardia Community College Flyer
30 Fall 2016 October 7th, 2016 Rokyoku Workshop by Ms. Keiko Haruno (浪曲師 春野恵子による浪曲ワークショップ) The Japan Foundation Flyer
31 Spring 2017 March 25th, 2017 Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert: Soh Daiko (カーネギーホール Neighborhood Concertシリーズ 僧太鼓公演) LaGuardia LPAC & Carnegie Hall Website
32 Spring 2017 March 30th, 2017 A conversation with Mr. Toshiki Fujimori, A-Bomb survivor in Hiroshima (日本原水爆被害者団体協議会 広島被爆者 藤森俊希) Dr. Kyoko Toyama
33 Spring 2017 April 27, 2017 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert: Dancing for Japan 2017 (東北地方太平洋沖地震チャリティー Dancing for Japan (折原美樹、他)) LaGuardia Performing Arts Center & Campus Life of LaGuardia Community College Flyer
34 Fall 2017 October 18, 2017 AISIN-LaGuardia Exchange 2017 (アイシン-ラガーディア交流事業 2017) LaGuardia Community College Flyer
35 Fall 2017 Oct 13, Nov 10, and Dec 1, 2017 LaGuardia Japanese Option Meet & Greet Fall 2017 (ラガーディア日本語専攻交流会) LaGuardia Community College Flyer
36 Fall 2017 November 10, 2017 WAKO Kokusai Kakehashi (和光国際高校カケハシ) LaGuardia Community College Flyer

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